If you own a home in the Tampa Bay Area area and have been on the hunt to spruce up a room or two in your house then you have landed at the right spot.  Consider these 5 room makeover ideas during your planning!

  1. Everything Has A Place: A Walk In Closet

If you have become a recent empty-nester or looking to do something with the guest room, converting an old bedroom into a walk-in closet is something to think about!  Just imagine having a whole wall…just for shoes.

If the room is large enough, you can even have a center island installed to hold ties, accessories, and jewelry.  Full length mirrors can be added to wall areas or section doors.  Shirts can be separate from slacks and sweaters can have their own kingdom.  If you need to sit while you tie your shoes, no worries – just use your footwear bench. The possibilities are endless and overall, converting a bedroom into a closet is relatively inexpensive and can typically be done without structural changes or permits.

  1. A Space for Your Passion: The Hobby Room

Perhaps it’s time for your passions to have their own space.  Bedrooms can be transformed into spaces that house materials and work areas for a variety of fun hobbies and pass times.  Are you a crafting maven?  Into model building? How about sewing?  Or perhaps a music room with a collection of guitars?  With the right lighting and ventilation, that old bedroom could even become a new studio for painting or sculpting (or both!).

Transforming a former bedroom into a hobby heaven can be as simple as removing furniture and adding a work bench.  If you want something more dramatic or high-end you can add cabinetry, storage areas, power strips, custom lighting, and even soundproofing.

  1. Be Your Best You: Your Personal Fitness Center

Perhaps you’ve had a gym membership that should qualify as a donation when you figure you have been to the gym 3 times in the past 5 years.  Perhaps those dollars are better spent converting an old bedroom into a fitness area designed just for you.

Fitness means a lot of different things to different people.  Maybe you are best motivated by the cardio trio of Treadmill, Elliptical, and Stationary Bike.   Or, sculpting muscle with free weights might be more up your alley. Quality fitness equipment can be purchase brand new or you can save quite a bit by shopping online or at second-hand stores for used equipment.

If investing in a ton of heavy equipment isn’t in your retirement plan, imagine a serene yoga room achieved with some soothing paint colors and a plush carpet.  Add a small self-contained water fountain and a quality speaker for playing music and presto, you have a peaceful meditation room that can serve as an escape from your everyday routine.

  1. Watch Your Flicks In Style: The Movie Room

Bring on the sun blocking curtains and leather recliners!  With the abundance of streaming services brining dazzling HD movies into your home, your home can beat out any fancy movie theater.   A simple and indulgent movie room can be created with a large screen TV and comfy couch.

For those who want more of a movie theater experience, there is a vast collection of theater style seating for the home.  Some seats even include cup holders or built in speakers!  Your viewing experience can range from an oversized flat screen TV, to a curved 4K screen that brings you in close.  Movie buffs may take it even further with a projector and screen that makes you feel like you should be holding a huge tub of popcorn.  Sure, these higher-end options can add up to a sizeable budget, but at least the popcorn will be much cheaper at home!

  1. Indulge Yourself: Master Bath with Home Spa

Speaking of higher-end budgets, how about luxuriating in a brand new master bath with spa features? If your empty nest goals involve more relaxation rather than entertainment, this might be just the make-over you need.

While building a bathroom requires a greater investment of time and money, the results can be so worth it.  Imagine never having to share a sink again.  You’ll have plenty of counter space, plus storage for your skincare and spa products.   How about a beautiful Jacuzzi tub – for two!  Or a rainforest shower with side jets. Other perks you can add include heated floors, a towel warmer, and….how about a personal sauna?

It’s a wonderful fantasy that can be your reality!  Visit spas in your area to get ideas, check out boards on Pinterest, and/or consult with a designer who specializes in crafting home spas.  In just a few weeks you could be fully submerged in a deep, warm bubble bath in your own home enjoying some much needed relaxation.

Make the House Yours with a Makeover

Former bedrooms can sit unused for years adding to the quiet and creating a space of nostalgia.  At some point, it becomes time to let go and reclaim the space in your home.  Add excitement, color, purpose, or even relaxation by transforming that room into a space that brings you joy.  Whether it’s painting, working out, watching movies, or hanging out in your sauna – a room makeover can be exciting and add a whole lot of fun to your life!

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